We automate workforce management processes on construction sites

Raxalle saves time and money for main contractors by automating daily site processes related to workforce management and supervision.

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What our customers say

“The broader implementation of Raxalle's remote induction has enabled us to meet statutory obligations effectively from the site perspective. The implementation on sites has been found to be very easy, and our contractors have also been satisfied.

For us at Jatke, the consistency of the induction process is important as part of our responsibility. Raxalle enables the effective dissemination of high-quality content and new safety instructions to the sites.”

person profile
Jari Korpisaari
Safety manager

“Raxalle has brought us flexibility to receive new employees and issue access permits to the site even in the middle of the workday, without taking up our own work time for inductions.

The time-saving benefit has been significant, we estimate saving over 80% of the time for each employee compared to previous methods. Archiving and retrieving information is also easier when all employee data is in one place.”

person profile
Emil Fagerlund
Site engineer

“Raxalle has significantly reduced the workload related to employee registration and induction - the time the site management spends on these is at most one-third compared to previous methods.

This is already my second site using Raxalle, and I have been pleased to see the rapid development of the service”

person profile
Petteri Kielinen
Responsible site manager 

Raxalle digital worksite induction

Enhance your site induction process without compromising on quality, transparency, or regulatory compliance.

100% mobile
automated documentation
quick implementation
qualifications management
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Mockup of Raxalle mobile induction page with instructions on how to complete induction


Simple and Easy to Use

Employees can complete the digital induction on their own devices at any time and place. Site management no longer needs to spend time on induction presentations in the site office.

Automatic Documentation

Documentation related to site induction is created automatically, saving significant time for site management in registering employees and contractors.

Raxalle automates the collection of qualifications and work permit information, saving time for site management and extending the lifespan of the copier.

Quick Implementation

Have you already broken ground? No problem! You can get Raxalle up and running within two working days as a turnkey solution, without taking up site management's time.

Standardized Induction Process

Raxalle standardizes the site induction process for all employees, regardless of how busy the site management is. This ensures that the main contractor's obligations are systematically met.

Changes in regulations and policies can be easily implemented across all of the company's projects at once.

Comprehensive Employee Data

The service automates the collection of information required to meet the main contractor's obligations, making it easy to ensure that necessary information is collected regardless of the situation.

Implementation and Support

Implementing the service is effortless, and our process guides each site through the implementation. We provide support channels for all users — site personnel can get their questions answered within minutes.

Raxalle hot work permits

A quick and easy tool for issuing and managing hot work permits on all construction projects.

100% mobile
employee data readily available
no paper needed
proper documentation
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Mockup of Raxalle mobile version of dashboard with hot work permit management form

Frequently asked

How do I get the service for my project?

You can get Raxalle into use quickly with a turnkey approach within a couple of working days.

Our project has already started, can I adopt Raxalle in the middle of the project?

Implementing the service in the middle of a project works seamlessly. A large portion of our clients' site organizations have adopted the service during an ongoing project. Even in such situations implementation is effortless.

We have different systems in use on the site. Does Raxalle work with them?

The service is designed to minimize interoperability issues with other systems. We also offer case-by-case integration possibilities with other systems used by the client.

We have slightly different processes on the site depending on the person. How does Raxalle work in such a situation?

Raxalle is designed to standardize processes in the most user-friendly way without compromising quality. The service guides users on the correct procedures, and the built-in processes ensure compliance with all requirements.

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